German Shepherd Training in Las Vegas


If you are looking for a dog trainer, you do not need to look any further than Dave Stephens. In a word, Dave is amazing. In two words, he is really amazing. At different times, Dave has trained two of our German Shepherds for both obedience and for protection. The first dog Dave trained was “Colonel” and he was perfect—great with other people and animals while also providing protection on command. Dave’s dedication to perfection gave us a great friend and protector in Colonel. The second German Shepherd that Dave trained for us was “Deuce”. When we brought Deuce home from the breeder—and for several weeks thereafter—we were convinced that his high drive and lack of focus would make it impossible to ever have the kind of pet we could really enjoy. We were convinced that perfect dogs only come along once in a lifetime. Well, after Dave was done training Deuce we were pleasantly surprised to discover that we had been blessed a second time. Deuce has exceeded all of our expectations and we couldn’t be happier with him. Dave’s patience, professionalism and commitment is unmatched. We have met many of the dogs that Dave has trained for people and would be happy to bring any one of them home with us-- a huge testament to the results that Dave consistently gets.
Patrick Hicks.

the German Shepherd: family pet, Family protection dog

 I'm the owner of 2 German Shepherds, they are a great all around dog. The breed is usually active, very smart and does much better with structure and training. The same drives that make them a good working dog can also make them more challenging to live with. I cannot express enough the importance of training the German Shepherd and other working breeds. As these dogs mature, assertiveness, dominance and any obnoxious behaviors should be controlled, especially If the dog is to be a family protection dog. Temperament and strong nerves are vital. Even though a protector, the dog must be stable, tolerant and forgiving around its family. Colonel, the German Shepherd pictured above was a great example of such a dog and part of a tremendous family. Sadly he lost his battle with cancer recently, his replacement Deuce has some pretty big shoes to fill.