After spending a lot of money with other dog training companies, we were fortunate enough to find Got K9 Training. Within minutes Dave had my uncontrollable German Shepherd walking calmly on leash. Had I not seen it, I would not have believed that such a quick turn around was possible. I have worked with Dave to train both of my dogs and I wish I had found Got K9 much earlier. I can now take both my dogs on a walk instead of them pulling me down the street. It is a very liberating feeling to be in charge of the situation.

Kelly Hildreth.


The Dog Whisperer’s got nothing on David at Got K9. He is an excellent trainer with great command and presence. Our dogs instantly respected him and within a few short minutes they were already learning and obeying. Just as importantly, David gets the owners involved in the training so you can learn his techniques and practice them when he’s not around. We are very pleased with his services and our dogs are much better behaved and much easier to command today.”

Paul and Martina


Xeana” the Princess Warrior, and that’s exactly what our k9 friend thought she was. A very high energy Blue Heeler. We were exasperated as to what to do with this out of control dog and ready to take her to the pound. Fortunately on the way to the dog park one day I discovered David Stephens training other dogs. We were so impressed the way he handled the dogs, that we asked him to train Xeana. Now after almost 4 weeks of training our dog with David “( Got K9 Training)” Xeana, is on the road to being a well behaved and pleasant loving dog to be around.
“THANK YOU DAVID” for your expertise, we couldn’t have done it without you.
Beth and Xeana.